Reviews for "MadnessEchoCollab2"

This is another really weird Madness cartoon. I think it's mostly because it really lacks structure. Then again, this is Madness, so it's not supposed to have any kind of story. It's hard to pick a favorite part because they come at you so fast you can't tell the difference. It seems like everyone had a lot of fun doing this. This must have been a nice way to end 2011 for you guys!

You didn't win any awards, but you still got the high score you deserved. You truly have no idea what's going to pop up next in this. The deaths are actually pretty sudden and more realistic than usual. It has all the great action of a usual Madness cartoon. I like the atmosphere too.

liuzirui1122 responds:

Thanks for the review

good, but...

its ok... good work

ok it was good

it cant find you wtf is that
And all people all of my parts are old!!!!!!!!

Well I got to say

All clips are pretty good, some of them very weel animated and smooth, what is good, some authors maybe can put a little more effort and they will do it great.

My last comment is, the Menu, its too simple, good presentation its always good too.

Very nice huh, I know the next time, you all are gonna make it better. :D

Kinda good.

This is like a good movie and all. But however, this might be a little weird but however it is totally awesome.

You make a great collab sequel.