Reviews for "MadnessEchoCollab2"

Uhm, here is some criticism.

Well, you need to select better your members, before you add someone to your collab, say him to show a test, if they're good, let them join, if they are not and need still to practice, don't let them join, you, xaker333, juanford66 and another guy who doesn't put his water mark in his part are the best of this collab, the rest need to practice a lot, especially the movements, need to be more fluid.

liuzirui1122 responds:

I know I decided to kick out some of them. Thank you!


Some of these pieces are just madness figures jumping or spinning with a sword, and others are short clips that aren't even well-made. Admittedly, I'm not an animator and don't know how difficult this can be, but there have been other collabs that do a much better job.

Beginners collab. Liuzirui1122 was better.


well,the amazing animator is liuzirui1122 and all those guys are terrible!

holy heck.