Reviews for "MadnessEchoCollab2"


that there would be my song :)

this collab is noob as hell

sorry guys, but this is all that i have to say, the only descent parts was from liuzirui1122, the rest was just meh

liuzirui1122 responds:

Thank you very much I'm reflecting much

it was ok

all around it was good. but there were some people who just couldn't animate

Kinda good.

This is like a good movie and all. But however, this might be a little weird but however it is totally awesome.

You make a great collab sequel.

Well I got to say

All clips are pretty good, some of them very weel animated and smooth, what is good, some authors maybe can put a little more effort and they will do it great.

My last comment is, the Menu, its too simple, good presentation its always good too.

Very nice huh, I know the next time, you all are gonna make it better. :D