Reviews for "Action Bunnies 2"

Very funny jokes

I enjoyed everything about that flash. The jokes were all very funny. MAKE ANOTHER!

Very Hilarious

I enjoyed watching this. Randomness is indeed funny.


Very, very funny. I enjoyed the jokes, and that first one gets me every time. He didn't miss a beat!

Also, to the folks saying that 10-Ton-Entertainment "copied" asdfmovie... you guys should probably know that 10-Ton was the artist for asdfmovie 3. So yeah, the art styles will be a bit similar, and maybe the jokes too, but it doesn't matter because he has at least a partial claim to them. So shush.

ok but...

not enought to make me laught, just for the effort of making it a 4 yes a 4

didnt quite... impressed me

come on, you can do better than that... the funniest one is the giraffe, but it only made me smirk.... i watch the first one over and over and its still funny as hell ! but i wont bother watching this one again....

sorry bro, keep on improving