Reviews for "Action Bunnies 2"


Sexy doctors were a wee bit too sexy. Could not control myself.


tomska ur toons just keep gettin better

Made me laugh

Not your best and it wasn't great but i laughed :)


one of the few good ones was the rock paper scissors skit

wait was that....funny someho- i dont really know

i give you a 2 for animation, but man anybody can come up with this crap lie for example: a guy walks into the bar and a crocodile is the bartender and eats him. like i don't even have to think and besides asdf and robot chicken already kind of booked up that category and besides your stuff is to obvious and not even stupid funny it just looks like your trying to be like the rest of the world and copy there ideas. I mean maybe if you had some sort of story with it with the "chhhhhhff" tv typ crap it would be better and more original, but this...this is just a cheap knockoff like one of those SYFY movies, im sorry but get original for christs sake..