Reviews for "Action Bunnies 2"

Really good.

Nice animation, funny moments, beaver was the best part at the end.

and anyone who says he ripped on ASDF, you realize he did the art for ASDF 3?

ok then

nice attempt at copying asdf, shame it wasn't funny

whats your secret to making these great animations


loved it

didnt look as clean as the first one, but it was still hilarious. really enjoyed it.
and give giraffe a medal! it has saved the world twice now :P


You really managed to wow the audience with your stunning originality, TomSka.

Whoops, sorry. This is the most blatant rip-off of ASDFmovie I've ever seen. I understand if it's dumb / random, people will laugh, but the fact that this is so completely ripped off of ASDFmovie is just astounding. The lack of class and taste is intensified by the lack of originality.
The TV static is completely over-used. It's even worse when the effect barely even resembles authentic TV static in the first place. To make matters worse...IT'S COMPLETELY OVER-USED. To double that, ASDFmovie has the exact same transitions. Your sad effect is nothing less than an eye-raping pile of whale vomit. Why you would ever want something that hurts other's eyes in a Flash animation, something that's generally supposed to be presentable. To add to that, IT'S UN-ORIGINAL.

Jesus, even Oney pointed out the fact that this is nothing less than something that would be made by TomSka.

This COMPLETELY lacks originality. There was barely a difference in art style. Sure, you bumped up the animation style a bit, but if you even just took the time to color in the damn rabbits, then maybe I wouldn't be here critiquing you. I have to admit, it's good that you decided to bump up the animation quality and decided to use rabbits, but aside from that, what's the difference between this and ASDFmovie?

I'm sorry to get down to the shitter on this review, but the same thing happened to me. When I started animating a few years back, I copied many things. I got the e-shit beaten out of my poor little pre-pubescent body for doing so. Now, I can't STAND it when people try to copy from others. I HATE it. Get some class, get some original ideas, because that's literally what you have to do if you want to be what you want to be.
It's what ALL the animators on Newgrounds have to do to get to be what they want to be.
The writing is SOOO much more important than the animation itself.
People will continue to enjoy this, but this animation would be WAY better if it was original. You have an 8.0 Score average that would be a 9.x.