Reviews for "Action Bunnies 2"

Agree with Ghost7231

Definitely seemed like something that was done by Tomska and the asdf series. I still thought it was good, but it's very easy to come up with random scenarios like the ones in this flash.


felt like a take off of asdf vids, and this wasn't even that funny.

Loved it

The voice work, design and animation were all awesome. I like these kind of quick fire gags' animations.

Looking forward to the next one =D


(It seems a little redundant saying it's similar to the asdfmovie series seeing as you've actually worked on it)

Over Rated?

Well since the post below says under rated... and i think pretty much the opposite because its being over rated (being on the frontpage and all)

The sequal to action bunny's did make me laugh.( a little )
The first thing i noticed is the animation being a bit less graphic then the first.

Also the humor in this one wasn't as easy going as the other, so this will be rated 50/50 seeming as some will like it and some wont,

The other had so much awesomeness in it... it was voted 90/10 in awesomeness...

You following me?
Well in any case keep up the good work!


Awesome humour, these are not simply random jokes they are well crafted in my opinion, specially with the return of giraffe.