Reviews for "Inanimate"


That was like me 2 years ago. I finally hacked Flash CS3, opened it, and thought, "Hmm...now what?!" XD The animation was smooth, the lines could have been a tad bit cleaner, but it's still well done. I don't care if it's short, this was hilarious!

Amazing. Period.

This this the moment when you download something and expect to get the same results as seen.

This should've been out on Thanksgiving, because he needed to like what he had.


hahahahaha. that sucks. (<---- filler)

there's a pony! that was all i wanted to say but apparently thats too short... so now im going to add some stupid filler... uhh... this was pretty funny. i thought my "HA" covered that... i kind of wish i had that stuff. im not good at drawing, but still. would be fun. i hope this is enough to let me post this damn thing... oh... ha. it was my summery thats too short... it cant just be "ha"


I totally feel like this now hahahahah!!

Pretty goot short, but...

Am I the only one that thinks the Pony in the background has his penis hanging out?