Reviews for "Inanimate"


he got an erection when holding the mac lol XD

To the guy 2x below me double fuck you!

This was hillarious man! XD And animation wise I'll admit I have no experience what so ever other than seeing alot of animations in here. But the facial animation and expressions totally worked man good job.

To the guy below, fuck you...

For a first go, it's pretty damn impressive, impressive enough to get front page! The day where you provide something better than this steventrouble i'll rip you to fucking shit you dick sniffing cunt bucket! RicePirate, you did a good job, it was a little too short and a bit more details could have been added but overall you did a good animation, a lot of people starting out animation or design itself will be able to relate to this, good job. Ignore this twats comment, well done on your first go. and incase i didnt make it clear, Fuck you, you unsupportive twat steven trouble. Yes i have a problem with people like you.

"This video is dedicated to..."

Talk about a cliff hanger...

I like how it just

I like how it just cuts off in the end. Lol. But I can relate. I have tried many softwares, and the initial outcome was just like that scenario, lol.