Reviews for "Inanimate"

Its alright

Its an alright movie. the problem is U made it very confusion. U might want to include more of a background for this guy it only lasts about 1 minute.


Is it bad that I did the same exact thing the guy in the video did.

This is good

Fun pain


Pretty much the most common problem, that makes it an exellent subject to make an animation about. The idea and the funny animation would make me give this a good score, but the animating puns (booger, erection etc.) went a bit over for my taste and that takes off one point.

With this judgement I'd give this an 8 and a friendly handshake, but the pony in the loading screen makes me give you full 10.

Is that...?

Erhm, is that a pony? Like a pony, pony? ...Thought so.