Reviews for "Inanimate"


I am in your exact position.
Spazkid's tuts are helping my fbf. None of that is on my account currently. My fbf test was blammed, but its still on my youtube, Utubedude8245

It was educational!

And funny as shat!

Kept me amused

i expected an animation of an animation

It's not the equipment that matters.

The same applies to many different subject. In photography for example, you can have a Nikon D3X for £5000 but if you don't have the skill it won't do much good, while a good photographer will produce professional images with a £50 camera or even a smartphone.
In diving you can have pro scuba gear but if you have no skill whatsoever you won't handle the pressure, you'll blow your ear drums out and drown while free-divers can swim underwater for over 5 minutes and dive up to 200m without any equipment whatsoever.
Equipment only adds ease of use and convenience for people who know how to use it.
If you can't animate with a pencil and a sketch book in the first place a Wacom Intuos won't compensate for your inability to draw and Flash CS won't compensate for your inability to create fluid motion.