Reviews for "Leave Cthulhu Alone"

I like it.

But why turn the policemen into bats and not something that they can still use their guns?


Played it two times,not something i often do
It was pretty easy except the second last one.
The ones that zapped were maybe a little overpowered.
Just capture one of those and put it in room 4 and descending and you were mostly alright. The looneys were things you really had to keep your eye on. Maybe not enough policeguys to really profit from them.
But still very good game and nice concept.


Awesome, what else can I say?
The only silly thing is when we mutate a human Cthulhu keep saying
"wa was the haybackin' if you"

Matzerath responds:

I don't even remember what that voice says anymore. Now it sounds like, "I've always hated traveling with you."

Great game!

--But I still can't get through a level (maybe the last one, I don't know)...


I just finished this game, it was really hard!

Keep up the good work :)