Reviews for "Leave Cthulhu Alone"

Like it.

I really like the game, its fun, and gets me jumping with new tricks on traps. I love how you put in the crazy dudes hilarious.

this is very creative

*claps* seriously well done here sir this is a lot of fun

Matzerath responds:

Much thanks!


nice, little or no bugs, balanced gameplay types and the humour was nice but no OTT. Great little distraction, but not an award winning game.

Not the greatest of all games

A bit of tower defense and a bit of strategy, but that's all there is.
Pretty basic, but i liked the chats between the summoner and Chutlhu
The units don't differ all that much, it's just using spacebar and bombs at the right time to beat the level.

Fun for a bit, but it doesn't remain entertaining.

Great game

Great game. Love how each character is different in so many ways that affect strategy, and the banter between Cthulu and the summoner.