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Reviews for "Concerned Joe"

This game isn't really for the type of person that gets frustrated at things very easily, like myself. But if you like this type of stuff, cool. I'm sure I can find a way to like this, but it's just so nerve racking that everytime I die it just makes me want to bang my head on a wall... I dunno. But I can see how people enjoy this... it has been lagging a little for me though... maybe that's just flash or something so ya. But it's just a game I would play if I'm bored or something.. I wouldn't actually play this to complete it.

Psst...type "awesomeitem" slowly in the menu to get an award.

IT was a great game with a good plot. If you are dyeing(hope i spelled that right) Try using a better version of flash like idk shockwave flash or something or try turning off ultrasurf. It's just so fun.

Weird, the game is wonderfully mastered, however, just to clarify, to the comments saying "You keep getting teleported to the top and dying", That means that your game is running too slow. That usually means you're using Pepper Flash or something.

Nice concept idea, i die a lot of times without knowing why, if this is the idea behind the game it went right.