Reviews for "Concerned Joe"

MMMM Blue pop tart

Awesome loved the dialouge. The only thing that bugged the SHIT out of me was the lag on the real level. Please fix it! thanks

glitch :)

this is a great game, but i managed to get stuck in a check point area so i went to the menu and there was nothing there! i just kept dieing over and over again. but i still like the game


I found some glitches: once you get the pill and go back to the menu you can't win any minigame because you cant move left or right when playing. Same thing happes when you enter the options menu.

Great Game, BTW. 10 out of 10

great game, in game dialogue is hilarious

ok, played through this game a few times, some of the levels made me stop and think for a moment, which is what I like about puzzle games.

I did notice a few flaws, but even with them, the game is amazing, just some minor bugs

Mini games: Went to play dodge the red squares, and this was after I had gotten the flying and teleporting ability. When the game started, the only thing I could do was jump, the game wouldn't let me move side to side anymore, this persisted after dieing in the mini game, had to refresh page to fix

level 19: after making it through the stick tiles, dropped down to the next floor, and just barley touched the red square as I landed on the trigger button, got stuck with a death icon, but game and button continued like I was alive

Anyway, great game, the in-game dialogue was my favorite part

good game

i love the game and the ending, but lvl 10: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU