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Reviews for "Concerned Joe"


Hmm, I'd really give it a 7 if 7's didn't look bad...

TL;DR: Great concepts, cool game, but needs lots and lots of polishing!

Here's the deal. I really like the concept. Constant motion is something that could really add some challenges! I admit I fell to every trick, but they were all one-time things. I think the level design could get much much better. Make harder puzzles! Stuff that really makes you think!

The hardest stuff was the stuff that trapped you. But you don't have to trap people to make things hard! Getting trapped is annoying! Waiting for your guy to die if you're trapped is annoying! You get what I'm saying? Don't rely on traps to make maps harder. Make maps less linear, force players to explore them before actually solving it.

I like the whole "creator" deal going on. BUT I think the jokes could get much better. They sounded a bit lame, sometimes. Not all of them... but a great deal. So pump up that commentary. I like his attitude and stuff, but if the stuff he says is dumb, then it just gets annoying.

Music was pretty good! Can't think of any complaints.

And last, but not least: bugs.
I found a couple. The biggest one is when you get squished by something. When you get squished or you move into a place where two things are very close to each other, the game will randomly teleport you to a fitable area. Sometimes this area is extremely far away, though. I skipped an entire level like this (and thus decided the bug had to be reported).
Another smaller one happened in the menu, after I beat the game. I started flying around and Joe got stuck on a corner. He's still there XD I can't move at all.

TL;DR: Great concepts, cool game, but needs lots and lots of polishing!

sorry, i can only give you a four

this is because of a major glitch that makes it so sometimes when you complete levels, you get stuck under the pole that separates the levels, and then when you try and reload the game one of two things can happen, if you did so by pressing escape, the game glitches when you try to continue. If you reload the page, your data is erased. I have officially given up on this game (until the bug is fixed).


I fell for every trap!! Though, it was funy, bu still YOU ARE EVIL!!! Nice Game.


What a waste of effort!

Lazy programming. Boring art-style.. Sorry but this game is very generic and you get bored after a while since it seems so pointless. Better than half the crap submitted though.


Pretty neat concept for the game.
And I new about half-way across that pit in level 5 just exactly what was going to happen.
Did enjoy the trophy for it though XD