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Reviews for "Concerned Joe"

Great game! I like it, JohnnyUtah was rude XD. How much did you bet? I didn't screw up lvl5 the 1st time, did it after beating the game, for medal points :). Also 'Impossible' doesn't work for me. or do you have to die a different way in the main menu. I died by touching the red blocks in the 2nd secret tunnel, many times. It is the only one I'm missing :(. But still, this is amazing. Also, this is a bit slow, took me long to complete once.

Where is the troll face?


i typed "awesomeitem" randomly a got a AWESOME IDEM
try it ppl its KICK-BUTT

In level 16, the first block above Joe cannot be stacked on any blocks unless it's in the pit at the end.