Reviews for "Concerned Joe"

great game. a little hard, but fair. i lol'd whe i could fly. i just flew over the course and was all like "in your face, Johnny Utah!" lol thx 4 making this! ^^ i cant wait to brag to my cousin that i beat this...

what, jumping, breathing and winking do not count as moving?

if i were in his situation then i would just stand around and move my arm. standing around and not going to die because i am moving my arm. loophole!

This game gets pretty hard. but the difficulty ramp is nice. It starts out pretty simple then goes to "THIS GAME IS GOING TO MAKE ME PUNCH A PANDA IN THE TITTIES TILL IT DIES..."
It'd be hilarious, trust me!

Great game! I like it, JohnnyUtah was rude XD. How much did you bet? I didn't screw up lvl5 the 1st time, did it after beating the game, for medal points :). Also 'Impossible' doesn't work for me. or do you have to die a different way in the main menu. I died by touching the red blocks in the 2nd secret tunnel, many times. It is the only one I'm missing :(. But still, this is amazing. Also, this is a bit slow, took me long to complete once.

Where is the troll face?