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Reviews for "Concerned Joe"

Lots of collision issues regarding crates, but good other than that, and entertaining too.

after i play this game i can't stop moving

dude my game got glitchy and then joe got a CAPE horay for walking thourgh doors

Lol dat annoying voice... btw the game's awesome and i already beated it, and ate the huge pill (ps. I screwed up on lv 17)

Sweet game had a few bugs mostly with the sticky walls but nothing that mad it impossible to beat i personally had no issue with the auto-save i clicked out of the window came back later and was right where i was with Johnny happily welcoming me back lol got all the trophies but impossible guessing its either something other than auto kill or the red blocks to the right that lead to Super Mario Joe lol if not then it bugged on me but o well i'm guessing i just haven't found it yet cant wait for the next one sooo getting it when it comes out keep up the great work guys