Reviews for "§Arbiter§ MAC6 - TANKMEN Theme"

Oh... My... God...

My fav in the audio portal. It's very Tankmen-ish and alot of Tankmen flashes have used this, just like they should. This is the Tankmen theme. Not a guarantee, but I might do a Tankmen spoof sometime. And I'll definetaly use this piece!

As Promised

A review for the rising star of Newgrounds Classical.

A beautiful, uplifting and fun army march that's made it's way, ever so deservingly into the flashes of many of artists.

Your work is so well thought out and clearly devised of a great mind.

Me and you are going to do a lil collab someday.

If you permit.

Cheers and I believe I've given all your work it's appropriate 5.

yo yo

yo bro,
lost interest with the tankmen mac when i decided not to enter haha. i did however hear a few early submissions. this is pretty slick and super functional but i am surprised it won, no disrespect i just thought it would have been summin a little more unorthadox. congrats anyway, enjoy the acolayde status or however u spell it hehe.


It's ok.a little too powerful of music.

Like it

I could definately see this as a theme to Tankmen. Very nice job here.

The same tune was re-played throughout the whole piece no matter how short and after listening to WinTang's superb diversity no matter how much I liked this or didn't want to do so I was forced to mark it down for that.

Also, there wasn't really anything new, out of the ordinary, or different about this piece. I feel in the back of my memory i'v heard similar pieces and anyone including I could have have cooked something similar up.

The clarity, as always is wonderful my friend.

Something tells me that you could have put a bit more time into this piece. Maybe go in and add an extra oompf or change it up here and there. All of your work is amazing but I don't feel this is you at your best.

Originality: 7
Clarity/Sound Quality: 10
Diversity: 7
Effort/Skill: 7
Catchiness/Appeal: 9
Overall: 8

Good luck in the MAC6 August Contest!