Reviews for "§Arbiter§ MAC6 - TANKMEN Theme"

Certainly popular with tankmen fans

Ten, hut! What program do you use, I would like to know.

Apologies for the late reviews, I went on holiday twice this month, so I'm doing it now.

omg dude thats awsome!!!

great job on the audio dude!


i heard all the submitions for the contest and this one is TEH FUCKIN BEST!!!1!!!!1!!!11!!! lol

Arbiter responds:

Thanks for the comment :)

Well now...

This is a great nice song from beginning to end... too short though :( but i know that you need to keep it short for the contest.

I really liked the xylophone, it added some diversity and was really nice lol.

There's not much to say here as you know what you are doing and are damn good at it.

Excellent work and best of luck for the contest.

Arbiter responds:

Heh, Thanks Leo, It's much apprieciated

Good once again

Man you seemed to put alot of effort into the soud is great and i liked everything. 10 for me :)