Reviews for "§Arbiter§ MAC6 - TANKMEN Theme"

You stole my ascii.

Anyways, beautifully created my friend, I enjoy these kind of tracks, and I'm glad you begun submitting to NG.

The oboe lead could have been better, but I'm a sucker for the last part.
Anyways, Great song, keep it up.


Flippin' sweet!

I really like this song. The oboe and brass themes with the rolling timpani give it the "military anthem" feel, while the plucked strings and high-pitched xylophone-ish percussion reflect its more humorous style.

So, are you using EDIROL? I have it, but I haven't submitted anything with it, I can't do good enough with it yet. I can do percussion adequately, but I can't get a good melody without the use of a keyboard.

Arbiter responds:

I'm using Edirol among other things, and that's until I get East West gold.
I recently had to cancel my order for various reasons, but I'll get it.


you've got that military vibe going here aint you. tis a cool track and the arrangement is spot on, i love the way it builds to a cresendo. Classical isn't my favourite style of music but i can enjoy it.

anyways good luck for the MAC

and thanks for reviewing my track.

It sucks.

Well, not the tune...it just sucks that I'm too lazy to and impatient to fiddle with Reason, and try to RIVAL this one!! hahahaha. Awesome job, dude! Best of luck!!\m/

Arbiter responds:

I'm pretty convinced you could whip up some amazing stuff, and you have some time to create something; if you require any help with anything (not underestimating you; just PM me for my MSN/AIM)

*salutes you* :D

It really felt like a war march! :D I loved the main oboe solo line, and I loved how every instrument added a new element to the march. You could very well be the next Sousa when it comes to marches! ^_^

Nice song! I can't wait for your next work. :)