Reviews for "Madness Combat"

if only they had one of those at the fair...

very funny. i like marshmellows too


This without a doubt is one of the most hilarious things that I have ever watched. I would never be able to think of any other thing to recommend to someone who has not seen flash but this. Sheer Brilliance.

Simply the best!

Madness is the best there is! <3
Every thing with this is good, no words can describe how great the madness serie is. If you loved this one, then you will love all the other madness movies. :)

Best. Series. Ever.

Madness Combat is what really makes me wish my internet was fast enough to download the damn software to make such a masterpiece of animation. I can't wait to see number 8. God damn, it sounds tasty!

Anyway if you have the time, answer this: How long will the Madness continue?

Where Madness was born.

Madness is the best flash invented. Kudos to Krinkels.