Reviews for "Madness Combat"

OMG, this is the best MADNESS COMBAT MOVIE ever!!!

Great job, u should make another!

I love madness!!!!!!=)

i think madness is like one of the best movies ever created by man. It has a lot of violence and death. totoly awsome. every peson has to love madness because its got a lot of killing and violence. it always keeps geting better each madness mavie. i wish it hade better wepons in it, but it was still great.

MADNESS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

Madness forever!!!!!! :)

A Dark Aura still cant vote you down =D

I saw this on another site other than newgrounds, and i still came back to see it again here. It is an entertaining flash, and it has a great style that makes it look good but doesnt make nearly as much for the designer. Some violence but who doesnt like at least a tiny bit of exciting violence in their life? =D
I was glad to see there were more!

This is AWSOME

This is the best series i've seen i watched them all i gave them all a 5 but im putting the review on the first one...... The charcters are.. Creative and the sounds are great (including the bg music) and lol when they grab eachothers faces it looks funy xD.... P . S . My dogs name is krinkles :)


one of my favourite series is madness!!!!!! not many submissions get an all ten from me,if u think y check my aura. especialy like the dancer in the background and is it just me or is there a jesus in every madness submission? but yeah is a good film. could improve by putting blood in