Reviews for "Madness Combat"


Why the F@$% is he fighting Jesus.


Absolutely brilliant, i cant wait to see more of madness.

Jebus Christ

That has been one of the best flashes I've seen in, well my life, its funny and humorus. Got just think about the song alone makes me want to crack up. Thanks Krinkles!

This entire series is brilliant!!!

Keep up the amazing work.


Graphics- idunoo... i think the lil' dudes look awesome

Style- the "hero" sure is stylish in his ass-kicking ability

Sound- lol... chicken dance...

Violence- for god's sake 1 guy gets his head pulled off

Interactivity- it's a movie. it doesn't interact.

Humor- the whole point of this is humorous. a guy goes on a killing spree in order to get the stereo to himself.

Overall- Yes, it is a little late to be reviwing this, but it's an awesome flash.