Reviews for "Madness Combat"


Man, that was so good. I laughed my ass off, and the fight was cool to watch too.

The song is a remix of "de vogeltjesdans", a Dutch song (I think).

Good animation too - nice and smooth.

the best movie on newgrounds

This is the most creative and amazing movie I have seen here ever. I just wish I wasn't so freakin tired and could come up with a huge paragraph to type about how awesome this was. All I have to say is wow i've never wanted to watch a movie on here again except kong but i'm about to watch this again.

This is awesome.

It starts out feeling vaguely reminiscent of Xioa Xiao, and ends on a funny note that reminds me of every bad John Woo movie I've ever seen. Which is awesome.


i saw this video years ago
and by god its still funny
and one of the best flashes ive seen


i like it but when you look at jebus in the 8th one then this one it is really weird