Reviews for "A Sabtastic Sketchbook 2"


I love your artwork, the sketching is awsome. And after looking of the sketches of your hand(s) in various poses, I finally know how to make my character's pose of his Energy Ball nicer. I REALLY hope you can make an art tip book for some of the people who think that their work is OK, but they can do better. (People like me. :P) Either way, whether your next flash will be another art book or something else, I will be looking forward to it. Ciao!

-Edwin (You can just call me Ed.)

Brazilian Boy

Muito bom este trabalho, parabens ;;^^

Very nice!

I'm a bit of a sketcher myself, (though not as good as you, obviously) and your drawings have killed my--er.. sketcher's block? Anyway, I must thank you for this! And, of course your great artworks. 10/10 5/5


This game made me realise a way of drawing i never thought about before.
tnx :3


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