Reviews for "A Sabtastic Sketchbook 2"

Time to start on #3 now? :p

Excellent work as usual! I almost want to say that you went a little overboard with the "don't touch my boobs" Easter eggs, but it just makes the "DO touch my boobs" Easter eggs that much more hilarious... plus, hell, they're just funny little bonuses, so it's no big deal anyway.

I thought the music selection was a little weak as I totally forgot it was there until after I finished browsing, and after a few seconds of listening I found it a little underwhelming. It's really all about the art, though, so...

Unsurprisingly, that part kicks total ass. It does start off weak - Charmeleon's face looks a little weird to me and Charizard... shit, I don't know what's wrong with that dude, he kind of looks like a blob with wings, lol - but immediately picks back up, although some of the pieces look familiar. I think Sad Blanka, Gururumon, Good Luck Dragon, and Volvagia have all been posted on your NG separately. :P

In an unexpected twist, Pretty Flowers is one of my favorite new pieces. That shit is pro. I mean, obviously nothing can touch an over 9000 reference, but it tries! Lightning Rod is badass, too, I love the colors. The Starbucks siren mural looks like it's going to be awesome (I assume you will take pictures for us, yes? :D) because... uh, well, it looks awesome already? Sugar Skull Woman is vaguely creepy... but goddamn does it look good. That's one of my favorite pieces of yours... ever. What did you draw it with?

I would say that Sketchbook #2 has been a huge success! And yes, I agree, aviator goggles DO look awesome on birds.

Looks like Shadman has competition!

I didn't expect you of all people to submit something in the flash portal. Then again, I didn't expect Cross 666/DJ Harlock, Box-Killa, or Jon "Xarnor" Bradley to submit flash either.

Graphics: While it may be another sketchbook flash, at least you gave people the option to look at the individual drawings at their own pace. (A wise decision on your behalf) Plus, all of them are excellent, just like Shadman and Celx Requin. I wouldn't mind seeing either of the following: You learning how to animate or your take on my characters.
Music: Nice use of jpbear's remix of Paragon X9's Metropolis, although this could have used a few more songs. (Lunar by Arnas, Above Arcadia by DJ Harlock/Cross 666, Haunt a Bitch by Mister Scoops, and Psy-Kaliber 2097 by Nemesis Theory just to name a few.)
Miscellaneous: I think I may have to do one of these sketchbook flashes, but most of my stuff are just boring studies.

What I liked:
-Nice drawings
-Good song selection

What I didn't like:
-The fact that this is just a sketchbook tour.
-Could have used more songs

Overall: Sab, here's your ten and I think that you'd feel right at home on ConceptArt.org.


because you said you wanted them on twitter RIGHT?

p.s. I haven't had a sketchbook in years because paper doesn't have an undo button!

Sabtastic responds:

Hahaha yay! Thanks, Johnny!
Twitter is actually good for something for once! :p


This was a wonderful collaboration of art! I will have to say that my favorite character in the book was Kat. ;o But that's because she was a sexy kitty girl anthro thing. Anyway, I think you have a wonderful thing here. Keep up the good work!

Brilliant as always!!

I realy enjoyed looking at your sketches. I love reading what kind of ideas came into the art and what thools were generally used, so this was just perfect for me. I loved the hidden easter eggs, especially the one with Fyn and Jake which was a great surprise.

I have been a big fan of yours ever since you did your newgrounds character id thing and I love sseing your art. I hope to see more things like these in the future.