Reviews for "A Sabtastic Sketchbook 2"


Love your artwork special the pokemon & digimon ones :3

Awesome art.

That was a very clever way to present your awesome drawings.
it's definitely something that should be included in your portfolio. (You probably already did but just sayin')
I also liked your commentary on a lot of the pages. :)

Your sketchbook of awesome drawings make me envious of your quick illustration skills and colors skills... (and your grasp of the human figure and its proportions) It also reminds me to draw a lot more in my own sketchbook.

Great job. :D


Something I really liked about it is that you could easily just have made it a gallery of 60 pictures with not much more to it, but you added so many interactive little things that it would be hard even for those who don't generally like art (I do though) to get bored! And of course the drawings are really nice too. Also the tabs were great, and the artist info was a cool idea. I really liked this thing :D


Make sure to add a zoom in feature in the next one so we can see all the sexy details. Oh, and more easter eggs, preferably penguins (because they're awesome).


So I really appreciate the artists who still do artwork on paper.

The feel of paper just cannot be replaced.
It's one of those things that'll never age.

Awesome pics and babes Sab. lol - scyther.

What else are you into? Perhaps you should explore other forms of media entertainment. Cause so far, all I see is L4D, Pokemon, Original Characters, and so forth.

BTW - does 'Canuck' mean "Canadian" + "Knucklehead"?