Reviews for "A Sabtastic Sketchbook 2"


i loved the art!
and the secret Easter Eggs..
Just made it tons more better :D

Sabtastic responds:

Hey, thanks for the sweet score!
'Preciate it!

Great job!

Love your artwork, I can't wait for the third one. :) My roommate just got a Wacom, and he is learning how to sketch better, paper can't stand up to his perfectionism, so he got one, and has been working on one sketch for like 2 weeks. I might show him this to give him some ideas on art as he loves pokemon and sexy women on dragons!

Sabtastic responds:

Oh, nice!! I remember my first tablet being super awkward for the first few weeks, too. He'll get the hang of it. Eventually, it becomes second nature.

What program is he using to draw with? I could help if he's using Adobe Photoshop, but I'm useless for pretty much everything else, haha. Tell him to look me up!

Interactively awesome

I think it is very important for an artist like yourself to catalog your work like this :) especially for those who haven't discovered you yet. The idea that it is a physical copy of your actual art book is pretty damn cute, and you know it. :p It made it more interesting and fun than most other art-book-flash-things I've seen people do, because of the colors you use; pop culture takes mixed with originals.

My favorites were your original characters; and I hope to see them in action more some day.

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks Esteban! :D

Great to hear from ya - and glad you liked it!
The only qualms I have about it so far, is that the art is too smal, and I didn't do a 'full-view' option... That just leaves room for improvement in Sketchbook 3, I guess! xD

Thanks for the kind words!!
I got your e-mail a while back, btw, but I haven't had the time to reply - so I will asap!! :)

Nice Work As Usual!

Nice art!

My favorite piece was definitely Volvagia! ...and I loved the Finn and Jake Easter egg!

Nice choice of music, too.

I would have given you a 10/10 but the art was scaled down a bit and it looked a little grainy (and without an expand/fullscreen feature) Maybe spend a little less worrying about a fancy interface and make it so everyone can appreciate your art without any pixelation/cramping!

Anyway.... keep up the good work, Sab! Its always fun checking out your doodles.

Sabtastic responds:

Ah, poop. I was worried that it might look a little grainy in the end.
I scaled down a lot of the art because the .fla was massive. Was over 25Megs!
Thanks for the sweet score, though!!


i had a feeling i'd see more of mia since from your art and last sketch book submission.
For some reason the facial expression you drew up for her have left quite the impression to the point of instant recognition.

You'll be a great animator as time passes, but remember, the life of an animator is not always an easy one; there are many trials and tribulations that follow, but in the end, it's worth it! ( well i haven't submitted yet but i will, when i'm more confident )

Also charizard has always been the most iconic pokemon i knew as a child since i was 10 and i got my first edition holographic of him.

Thanks for sharin with us sab!


Sabtastic responds:

I've probably said this to you before, but THANKYOU for telling me that you instantly recognize Mia when you see her. :D As an artist, it means a lot to know that I've successfully created a face that can be noticed apart from others!

Also, yeah. Charizard has got to be just about as well-known as Pikachu. Even my mom knows who Charizard is. lol ---with that said, do you think the little blue outline in that 'Fire Starters' drawing was unneccessary? :\