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Reviews for "Emo Gunner"

Nice music

It a basic point and click that's kind of addicting, plus I really like the soundtrack, but the premise seems kind of hateful toward a specific group, imo.

Overall, personal feelings aside, it's fun.


Nice idea, but gameplay is lagging. And there's lack of balance between how much you gain from a wave, and price of weapons...

Cha0tic221 responds:

A lot of people consider the balancing to be very fair. In fact, the game was far too easy. I'll admit that it starts off a little hard, but once you get the machine gun, the gameplay smooths out a lot.

I'm sorry you're having trouble with lag, but none of my testers could get the game to lag. Lower the quality?


I like the music?

Uh, that sucks

Can't buy a new gun??

bad. They don't even look emo. They look like fat greasers. The sound on the guns is annoying can't enjoy this.