Reviews for "The Cat and the Fish"


I definitely like it... there are a few points where I feel like maybe you went a little overboard with the filters (the bevel on the cat in a couple shots was the right choice but a bit too present, and the drop shadow stuff mostly worked great but there were a few parts where I thought it should have been a bit less present) but I don't think that hurt the feel much. Something about the vibe and the choice of music really gets me, the replay screen was a great touch as well.
You stuff gets better with everything you post, I'm looking forward to your next animation.

Syringes responds:

Awww, thanks for the review! I hope to get better as I make more! ^u^

Hi Syringes, this movie is awesome even the background! The cat and the fish was so cute! But I was just scared at the fish turned into the monster :D

Quite disappointed :(
I thought the cat is going to help the fish but it dies in the end. This ending makes me sad.

This Movie is really Cool and The cat was very cute. i had a review for rthis movie. #2 now. love the way you made the cat

keep it up


THAT was unexpected! Fish looked so pathetic.. T__T
I'll give a 5, cuz I really liked it. Expecting more.

Syringes responds:

Haha, thanks :D