Reviews for "The Cat and the Fish"

I hate when that happens!

I really dig the style of animation! Just enough info to get you invested and curious...and then BANG! Like the toaster, you know it's coming but you still jump. Would have appreciated some gore, but maybe that's just me.


God, WHY DID YOU NEED TO MAKE THE CAT CUTE! Great animation, love the cat.
And an unpredictable ending, I was sure the cat was going to be evil and kill the fish when they touched paws/fins :p.

Syringes responds:

Haha, thanks for the review.

O_0 I so never expected that ending!

That was such an unexpected ending.. but heck this is newgrounds.
Nice work.. Welcome back 2 the fold fellow animator.

Syringes responds:

Tank you :3

Refreshingly original

The artwork and animation is great. Nice use of blurring effects and whatnot to achieve an appealing depth and naturalism. But the best thing about this cartoon is the ending. Being an NG flash, I expected something a little more... expected (like the fish simply opening its mouth ridiculously wide and eating the cat, or the cat suddenly becoming vicious, etc). Nope. A fucking glob monster emerged and sucked the kitty in like a vacuum cleaner. Nobody would have predicted that lol. The dazed music was quite effective at that point too.

Definitely one of the more memorable movies I've seen here in a while. Keep it up!

Syringes responds:

xDD Thanks! Yea, I had a feeling I needed to do something unexpected. lmao.

Quite disappointed :(
I thought the cat is going to help the fish but it dies in the end. This ending makes me sad.