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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"

actually pretty amazing

seems like you've set the bar for flash games to just about the level of the ps1...crazy

rumblesushi responds:

Thankyou, and yep it's been my intention from day 1 to make proper 3D in Flash at playable framerates, with big worlds etc :)

very nice job!

Great Game!
A suggestion for next version: maybe add a mirror and more competitors.
Really great job.

rumblesushi responds:

Cheers KING-JANS, unfortunately a mirror would put a dent in the performance, but I could add a rear view button at least. More cars would be very possible, I decided to keep this 1 on 1 as a style choice (touge/Initial D etc), but more cars would probably be more fun actually.


I played some 3d flash games around the web, and I have to say that this is by far the best one. The other ones looked like they were trying to impress with their 3d graphics, failing miserably. This one is so natural, the 3d feels so spontaneous... Outstanding, simply outstanding, very fun to play too.

rumblesushi responds:

Thanks a lot for the comments guys, it's appreciated. We've worked literally 24/7 to achieve this 3D performance in Flash.


This has got to be the best 3D Flash game I've seen so far! It really plays like a race game, rather than a limited Flash attempt at a race game. And the music is great too :)

rumblesushi responds:

Thanks Aardwolf, that was certainly the concept, to bridge the gap between Flash and consoles in the realm of 3D, and make it look/feel like a proper 3D game :)

good game