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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"

great game and...

wonderful classic happy hardcore music xD

rumblesushi responds:

Thanks :)

Impressive Framerate

Very fun game, I found I did a lot better without trying to drift lol.

Great job with the efficiency, controls you can get used to. I have nothing against the music you chose.

Awesome job. :D

rumblesushi responds:

Cheers :) And yep it's certainly playable without drifting, but to get legit times you have to drift, and ideally on expert mode which has RR style drift mechanics.

it looks amazing

for a flash game and it made my penis hard o-o

Quite good

First off, the 3D is very good, the physics engine is very good, and the tracks are very good looking.

The music, i did not like. It didn't quite fit a racing game, more like a fast paced platformer, but not a racing game. I'll admit that this is a very full game, running quickly due to the low polygon count, and you've made some smart choices with the game.

All in all, this is a very good game, thank you for posting it!

I'm just impressed it's 3D

The only real problem with it is the gameplay balancing. Or maybe I'm just a moron for choosing all the expert stuff right out of the gate.

rumblesushi responds:

One thing I should mention - the AE86 is expert because it's the slowest car in the game, capable of getting the best times. You have to drift with it to get good times, and it has a Mario Kart style boost if you drift for long enough ;)