Reviews for "Reincarnation: TEND"



Good game but found a small glitch

If u leave while the diamond cutting the first window and proceed to the second, the window isnt cut :/

But its as awesome as always! Gotta Love D-Mack!!!

Epic as always.

too good for a point 'n click game.

Likes: art ( who doesn't like the art,) voice acting ( I always love the lil demon voice by D-Mac,) gameplay, dialog, and music

Dislikes: What is there to dislike?

There is one thing I wanted to note and that is where you had to knock over the book and setting off the alarm clock then back to the book shelf ( you get what I mean,) I have never seen that before in a point 'n click game. Just felt like pointing it out. Anyways keep up the good work for all the people who make this happen, hoping to see more.

c yah.

Found a glitch.

If you combine the coffee and the bug, then leave the screen while it's still combining it doesn't give you either of the items back. I didn't get the combined item. Thanks.

one word: EPICNESS