Reviews for "Reincarnation: TEND"

Like all Reincarnation games (including non -minis) this is a little too short and solutions are not always logical. I am sad author dropped the more fun Groswold the Goblin series for Reincarnation.

Reincarnation series is like fast food for adventure games - easy for author to produce in large quantities and we players will eat it despite it not giving a satisfaction a proper adventure game gives.

The solution of this particular game is so improbable and cartoonish that you cannot imagine it looney tunes is not your daily diet, minus point for that too.

This is great and the ending is hilarious! Nice job!

Dear god I can't get the freaking coffee mug and I don't know why... this won't drastically affect the review because it's probably just a glitch but it's pissing me off. Keeps saying "I can't collect that yet". WHY NOT?!?!?

great game make more!

I love this series, and "termi-nated" was nice.. but.. bugged would have been pretty great as well xD