Reviews for "Reincarnation: TEND"

this is getting...

pretty boring. the series has gone beyond challenging into just pointless and frustrating. hardly any of the moves are intuitive, it's almost required that you see the walkthrough just to finish the game, which is only three minutes long. give the series up, man, it's SO dead.


that was the worst installment yet. Maybe it's time to start making a different series? No offense, I liked the series so far more or less, but it feels like your just running out of ideas now.

well, that was short

and really hard too. but nice ironic ending

i am evil!!

this game is avery nice game cauz it has action and nice scenes

It's good, but lacking

First off the animation is really good, and the character is pretty unique (kinda like the evil Charlie Brown, especially when laughing). There is definitely a prolog for the character, and the music is pretty good for the first few cycles, so it's obvious a lot of work went into this and it shows. It's a pretty well crafted puzzle game with a great sense of humor added into the mix, which can hold your interest for awhile.

The biggest problems that present themselves in the game are the glitches, it's lack of length and storyline, and the attempt to remedy the how short the game is by turning one puzzle into a point 'n click nightmare. First off the glitches. I know it's difficult to get all the kinks worked out unless a lot of people play the game, so I was hoping that seeing some of the problems had already been fixed that I wasn't going to run into anymore. Unfortunately, I found one really quick. While getting the ring out of the house, if you click on outside view while it's by the window, then click right arrow, and then click on on the ring, it will start the process of coming out, but because you're walking off screen you don't see it finish the job. You'll find yourself on the next screen without the ring in your inventory, and if you go back to the previous screen you'll find the ring is just gone. After that you have restart because you can't go on. Not sure if this one matters, but once you get the coffee mug, if you go back and make her come back into the room, they have another coffee mug.

While I found the game fun, it quickly just gets to the point where it's about clicking around the room like mad trying to find out what is active and what isn't. It was also difficult to see into the room because of the grey 'inside' look that you chose to use. Before that though, the only puzzle was how to light the 3rd area, and that took less time than the refresh after the glitch. The final puzzle was just a clicking pain, and I quickly found myself uninterested in running from area to area for trial and error. I know it's unfair to compare, but the Curse of Monkey Island is the ideal type of Point 'n Click Adventure Game. The puzzles here were just lackluster and a little uninspired, I spent more of my time running from section to section than I felt I did actually solving anything.

Again it's a really good game, but Point 'n Click Adventure games walk a very fine line between fun and a pain, and this game is starting to bobble a lot.