Reviews for "Aperture Investment Other"

Pretty stellar writing

i think the poison cake bit at the end could have been handled slightly more comedically, but overall the writing was top notch, and that's 95% of the work here. the voice of cave johnson was pretty good too. there's an initial shock as you're obviously not him, but the voice grows on me quickly.

i did like the "look at all that extra science being done"

You sound like Cave Johnson!

Or whoever voiced it :P This was really nice! It looked pretty authentic!
And it has the same type of humour too. (which made me laugh a lot).

Great job! :D

Hey, this is so great!

So great that I'm going to needlessly quote my favorite part of the movie! \

Very Close.

I loved the Cave Johnson impression! (Warning: Do not eat Strawberry)

Cave Johnson impression was OH SO CLOSE.

Seriously not bad bro.