Reviews for "Aperture Investment Other"

lemons and potatoes

now cake is usless now lemons and potatoes.you should somehow make glados voice instead


This wsas rly gd copie of cave even he spoke much faster it was good rly good 5/5 10/10

It was great

It was incredible. I almost felt like I was watching an actual Valve-made trailer, but it was a bit too short for my taste.

But, really. No rhubarb cake? :(


Great flash, but there's one problem:
When you replay it the sound doesn't keep pace with the video.

No Lemon C.A.K.E.?

But what about all the incendiary lemons left over from when Cave burnt Life's house down?
Nah. I'm kidding. You should work for VALVe though. It would be cool to see C.A.K.E. on a DLC.