Reviews for "Aperture Investment Other"


the voiceover was pretty good and similar to the real thing, overall it was a job well done, i love the promotional videos for portal 2 so this was great.

I Love Portal! This Was Great!

I love Portal, and Cave Johnson is awesome! This movie was great for an "Investment Oppertunity" video that wasn't made by Valve itself. Good job.

Very funny.

Very creative and very funny. I love the voice over the most, very well done. I love that chart that went all crazy. Haha.

Hmmm, strawberry... %S

Nice. Comes close to the originals. Though I am not sure if you really intended to use a different visual style than the offical videos. Also I would have liked to see a solution for what C.A.K.E. stands for, something like Cholesterol Administered Krust Entity or so. :D


Nice parody of Portal 2, and animation maybe not hard, but lookin good.