Reviews for "Aperture Investment Other"


Very awesome parody, great ob imitating the 3D promos and great voice over as well.

Very nice, sir.

it's like it came straight fro valve themselves.uncanny resemblance mixed with great original humor. superb, sir.

Not bad

Short, but spot on. If you cleaned this up a bit, I swear it would be just like the originals.

Short+ Typical= Awesome?

Lol short video, typical Aperture Science, all together its awesome in a bundle!! :D
Great video, good animation, and good voices. Only reason its a 9 is its short leanth. But its STILL a EXCELLENT video! Glad this got made!!!

I think we're done here...

This was amaizing xD I like the ending when the flavors come and "I think we're done here..." Great job! Make more? :P