Reviews for "Wasted Youth, Part 1"

COOL GAME an i love the plot twist in the end

I played this game earlier and I went pretty far. I saved the game and I went back to play it and the saved file is gone. I doubt that you will read this but I am putting this out there.

I don't like the style of the drawings. I can't tell about the plot because I got fed up of playing after one minute...
Also, the French translation is incomplete and in broken French.

This game sucks. I honestly can not understand why anyone could enjoy this crap. Under no circumstance should this be played due to poor game play, appalling graphics and a horrendous story.

This review is 100% accurate and is a popular opinion. This game is so bad it hurt my face playing it, my cat is now scared of technology, it has evolved into a a being of hyper intelligence and has seen in human technology and now sees us a sin that has to be destroyed. This game is bad and is by bad people. -55/10 IGN

TL;DR: This game is bad and should not be played