Reviews for "Wasted Youth, Part 1"

This game sucks. I honestly can not understand why anyone could enjoy this crap. Under no circumstance should this be played due to poor game play, appalling graphics and a horrendous story.

This review is 100% accurate and is a popular opinion. This game is so bad it hurt my face playing it, my cat is now scared of technology, it has evolved into a a being of hyper intelligence and has seen in human technology and now sees us a sin that has to be destroyed. This game is bad and is by bad people. -55/10 IGN

TL;DR: This game is bad and should not be played

I love this game so much. I remember i played it back in 2011/2010 and i still love it, i am from another country, so didn't know English back them, but now i know English (This is why my grammar sucks)

GP-studios responds:

Thanks! I hope it interests you that I'm working on remaking Wasted Youth (part 1+2). Check out my blog for details: www.gpstudios.com/blog

EDIT: Just read some of your reviews, your english is better than you realise. Also well done for zero rating all those awful fuck games :)

Kid runs like he's Naruto.... Nice type of game apart from the Bunny invasion shooters


Played this when it was new and fell in love. Played it threw twice. About to do it again! Yes! Hope you make a part 2 some time in the near future