Reviews for "Wasted Youth, Part 1"

When will the 2nd part come?

i played this one a long time ago in other game website. i just missed it so.. yeah :D i think there is no sequel yet to this? uhmm m'kay.

If there's ever been a game deserving a proper sequel it's this one.
Everything about it is just great and very well done, the story was interesting and funny, the characters memorable, the humour was hilarious, the gameplay was addictive, the missions weren't too hard nor to easy which i really like and even the side missions were fun to play.
Too bad you decided to end it in a cliffhanger. Hope you one day decide to submit the sequel.

Guys or Gals,you can save the game by using the computer (In-Game).You will see a save progress icon there.There,your game is saved.
This game is so entertaining for hours.The game like real life(but not the graphics).Thanks for making the game.

My computer sucks, so I had some pretty severe lag, even though I was playing in a good browser. As a result, a few of the quests at the end, like dancing, were doomed from the start for me. This doesn't affect my rating , of course, because it's my own fault. I do love this game. The dialogue, the characters, the layout, the quests. I just love this whole thing. I can't wait for a part 2! Please tell me there's going to be a part 2? I understand that doing these things involves a GREAT deal of time and effort, which can be in very short supply, so no pressure. :) Thank you for making this game, and allowing me to waste my own youth. (badum tss Sorry, that was terrible. xD) 5/5