Reviews for "Wasted Youth, Part 1"

I love this game and i play it all the time.
This oddly reminds me of previous schools I've attended.
I loved how they were all designed, especially that career centre.
Only thing I liked about that Brooklyn school was its design.
I have some ideas for the sequel if you wanna hear them.
They find out Xerxes murdered Annabell and they hunt him down.
Nate should have the shit beaten out of him by everyone after realizing he's a douche.
The player character helps everyone stand up to Nate and kick his ass.
There's a huge battle at the climax and the player confronts Nate and kills him.
Or would you rather the player character try to redeem Nate?
Nate deserves to punished and it's obvious he's just wanting attention, so he acts out.
I have more ideas if you wanna hear them in a private message.
I like to write all my room/building design ideas in my black composition notebook.

This REALLY reminds me of bully. I don't see how you should remake this, this is awesome as is. Its in depth and feels like an indie game on steam, which is great.

GP-studios responds:

Thanks for the compliments Sonirayan.
I know it probably seems a tad unnecessary to remake Part 1, but here's the deal... Nobody can play part 2 without playing part 1 first... and I don't want to make Part 2 on a dying platform like Flash. The market for sponsoring online Flash games has taken a nose-dive in recent years, and frankly it just isn't worth the effort.
And I don't want to limit myself to just those of you who played and enjoyed Part 1, I'd like to reach a new audience.
The idea of separating them into 2 parts made sense back then, but times have changed and so have I. There are small things in Part 1 that bother me, and frankly if I can't change them then I'm less inclined to make Part 2.

Anyway, the decision's been made. I'm afraid you just have to trust me on this one :)

(To everyone who's still playing this: THE DEVELOPER HAS STARTED TO WORK ON A NEW WASTED YOUTH.
Go to his website, he's posting updates every now and then.)
what is his website?

GP-studios responds:

I'm doing updates every 2 weeks until I finish it.


For notifications of updates and other tidbits follow us on Facebook and Twitter (preferably FB)



To everyone who's still playing this: THE DEVELOPER HAS STARTED TO WORK ON A NEW WASTED YOUTH.

Go to his website, he's posting updates every now and then.

GP-studios responds:

He's not lying.


your games are amazing and i remember playing this a few years ago and thought nothing of it, But i cane back and i have a new found respect for this game. It has collectibles, side missions, story structure, and in total is just an all out riot.

GP-studios responds:

Thaaanks :)
I'm currently working on a remake that unifies Part 1 and 2.
If you're interested in following my progress visit the blog for regular updates: