Reviews for "Wasted Youth, Part 1"

omg i just found this game after serching for years, so happy

That was awesome.What i think happened after the 2 kids found the dead body is that they decided that if they don't kill everybody they'll get arrested and murked. So they went V tech rampage on those brats asses. I know it's a week theory but it's not that impossible.Well we'll see what happened's in the sequel.

Would definitely pay money for another one of these, the ending was amazing.

i haven't played this game in a very long time, but i am always hoping the second part comes out

I don't know what's happened to Tom, the developer, but apparently he has given up making the sequel. No news or update on his blog for more than a year, and it looks worrying. I really hope he's still fit, physically and mentally. It doesn't matter if you quit making any new game, life and health matter.

GP-studios responds:

Don't worry, I'm OK!
I mean yeah, I completely extricated myself from the blog, twitter, facebook and posting updates. Wasted Youth was going nowhere and I didn't want to admit it, so I took a break from it without saying anything and have ignored comments about it.

I haven't given up outright though. True - I haven't worked on it very much at all in the last 18 months but it's still my primary objective to finish it at some point.

I should address it on the blog but it's been so long since I posted, it feels too dramatic to go back now and post something, when the news is that there is none.