Reviews for "Grow a Buddy"


I just might know a person that needs one of those :3

Dam funny!

could have used somemore inbetweens but hilarous regardless :D

funymony responds:

I totally should do more inbetweens and draw on some motion blur. I was going to but I got really sick of this animation. I'll be more patient next time!


Would've checked this sooner but I just woke up, awesome animation mang.

The original was really funny too, but I liked yours better.

Buddy, that was fun.

That was very funny and entertaining. I have to say I was laughing so much I had to tone myself down... just so I could listen and laugh some more. Great job, and great humor as well.

funymony responds:

You have no idea how happy I feel whenever someone says that.
It's awesome to make people actually laugh at something.

That was actually pretty good

It wasn't half bad and it actually made me laugh out loud several times. Well done good sir you may have my 5. :D

funymony responds:

Making people physically laugh at something is awesome~!