Reviews for "Grow a Buddy"

Indigenous tribal buddy..

..is fending off grandpa. Man, I love all your works, this one's no different. You always strike a perfect balance between good cartoon hijinks and offensive material which in the end makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Better grow my own buddy now and put it in my pants to keep that feeling!

Holy babies in a microwave, Batman!

I would really like one of those...buddies...preferably the kermit one

Sending in my order now!

Yes. Scream at your new little buddy and put him in your pants. Laugh riot ensues!


Made me laugh.


This animation has a great style, you really made an animation which everyone likes!

I think the main boy putting the buddy in his pocket and then the buddy continues to move around, is personally my favorite part.

You made a great flash! Well Done!


funymony responds:

Haha, yeah, that's the only part I really liked too.