Reviews for "Grow a Buddy"

I WANT ONE!!!!11!

I wish they were real. I'd like one. It would be entertaining.

sparrow eggs are hard to come by these days

y not chicken eggs?


Grow buddies may or may not contain Soylent Green, Your Mom, Toxic Waste, used candy wrappers and/or toilet paper, hazardous materials and other unconsumable items.
Do not use Grow a Buddy products for any other purpose than to observe and make fun of. Failure to do so may result in an unstable product that may try to take refuge in your anus.
Contact your doctor or physicians i you experience the following symptoms after consuming a Grow Buddy: Breathing, thirst for flesh, massive ten hour erection, pancake or waffle cravings,basketball-sized stools, discharge of blue liquid out of any orifice.
Please call 1-800-555-OHNO if you experience any difficulties with our product. Not a toll-free number, $10 a second, calling the number gives Grow Buddy Oh No hotline the right to verbally rape you over the phone. No Refunds.

Dude, you rock.

Wow, that was amazing.

Was anyone else tempted to call the number? I mean cmon they cure cancer and taste delicious!

its more like the grower has no soul

i mean....look.....he shoves one down his pants another guy smears it all over him and killing it another guy has a load of dead ones in his beard and the first guy says i hate you dad to it....its not his father at all.....isnt it?