Reviews for "Grow a Buddy"

lol wut

Grow a buddy. They have no souls


i noticed at the end it said they come in 3 different flavors...haha

Does anyone else notice?

on a box it says:99% cafeine XD


i gota get me some of those! maybe then i can finaly take over the backyard from those godd**n ants!

Failed to Phase me..

This particular cartoon was intended for Comedy. The humor was Surreal (Very much my sense of Humor, can be compared to something like Sickanimation).

However this particularly did not phase me, I was just staring at the screen blankly the whole time, and at one time only smirked..

From my angle I just failed to see the comicalness in it all, it was just in short terms 'boring', fast moving & not to mention the dialougue was not well choreographed or timed in the slightest perfection whatsoever..

Seeing how the humor lacked for me big time, there was not much else really - the Graphics were very basic, as were the voice acting very amateur...

All in all this didn't really interest me in the slightest & how it came on the front page is beyond me this deserves no more than a poorly deserved '4' in my opinion.