Reviews for "Castaway 2"


verrrryyy entertaining

Minus a few bugs, it's an enjoyable game.

The pet dynamic adds something new to the RPG play style that this game offers.

There are a few bugs that could do with being fixed though:

There are a few times where the game ceases to respond to input. Occasionally at the end of a crafting session, for instance.

Also, disposing of eggs from the inventory can result in actually disposing of a completely different egg! If the eggs are the same color, you may not notice til you reach town again, by which time the autosave has updated and you'll have permanently lost that egg that might have taken ages to earn.

Quite addicting

Castaway 2 is very addicting. I love the pets too. :)

I liked it !

Its so good to see that u improved the first "castaway" game and made a new version of it... Its good to see that there's an auto save so that the players would not worry about there game being unsave especially if yur not really good in this kind of games and ur pretty dying always... I also liked that u made new bonuses in it that made me to enjoy this game a lot.. and nice graphics! I also loved the sound.. Thank u for making the game and yes we appreciate it !!! :)

should make a full screen but good game would be 5 if it did