Reviews for "Castaway 2"


ok first let me tell you
the music intro is beautifull... also that the music of the game and
the sound efects, no mistakes at all
the game graphics were more of less and the gameplay was
more than perfect

i knew it will get better like last time but never though it will be THAT better

haha just kidding

excelent work
you deserve this rate

A large improvement

The last castaway was just so lame and repetive, this one is so much better. better battle system no perma-death for pets. They say you can't beat the origional but this proves it wrong.

very good game

this game is the best castaway now(probly bicuse theres only 2 :D)

but still,good game

p.s:sorry for bad englise,im kinda tired

Why can I not

Craft the Saphire Globe
Great game

Lovin this game

Alot of fun. I don't tend to stick around RPGs on Newgrounds for so long but this is great. Tons of fun!