Reviews for "Castaway 2"

Very nice game

Very entertaining.Very well done.

Reminds me of

Secret of Mana, in a very positive way.
Your game does however add a lot new and fitting elements.
It's hard to express my appreciation that games like this one are still made.
Please keep up the awesome work!

great game

... as far as i can see. I can't get past those "gates" needing some kind of key. Have no idea where to get them. Do I have to reach a certain level before i get them, or am I not looking wel enough?

Great game but...

I sold my stick before I got that sorcerer's apprentice quest where you need the stick... anyway to get it back or make a new one?

Love, Great fun for hours

a very fun game i really enjoyed it. U can deff play this for hours and not get bored. No complaints so much fun and so professional i love keep it up please it reminds me of fable