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Reviews for "Castaway 2"

Very nice game

Very entertaining.Very well done.

awsome game

this game got it all

to the previous poster: in the area with the bushes, walk to the right, then up a bit and back to the left and grab the stick


but..................on the other hand, the play button doesn't apear when I go to the page


Also, @piplup99
To creat a ruby sphere requires 3 rubies, to get a ruby, you have to combine 6 ruby shards, like you do with hide to make leather. It takes a total of 18 ruby shards to make a ruby globe. The same goes for sapphire, emerald, and iron.

very impressive

things were really taken into account in this next installment of castaway,forging your own weapons is was quite fun,having a pet stable makes collecting a reason to actually with the monsters,teleporting sure made going through places a lot more easier,music was a nice tune,i love the autosave compared to the 1st castaway

although i find that only having 3 melee skills is quite a disappointing,some moments make me lag so much that even walking was a drag

some moment when crafting suddenly freeze up,the pet's sense of direction is a little annoying,and slashing through most shrubs are complicated that i have to line up with them

i would suggest a minimap that shows the entire area rather than having it drag along to find out you got a dead end